Saturday , 26 July 2014

Player of the Week

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Throughout the year, we will feature various Players of the Week.  Each candidate will be reader suggested and then voted upon by fans as well.  To encompass a wide cross-section of athletes across Cecil County, we will have several categories.  Here is a list of POTW categories.

More categories will be added as we progress through the year. Winners will be featured on this page. When nominations open, please remember to go to our CONTACT US page and submit your candidate. Please try to include any information you find relevant.
Once you have submitted your candidate, make sure to check the polling section on our home page and vote for your candidate.
Thank you…

All lined up for the Demolition Derby at @cecilcountyfair #cecilscene #ccfairStorm clouds invade @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
Rising Suns Chris Allen waits for the start of the Demolition Derby at the @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilsceneI love the fair, but Ill admit it, roosters freak me out a little. This young lady seems to agree. @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
Rising Sun native Chris Allen and his 98 Old Intrigue at the Demoliton Derby at the @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilsceneAny port in a storm when you are tired @cecilcountyfair #cecilscene #ccfair
Well here goes....Demolition Derby remote. More cable ties, safety cables and duct tape that I can imagine. @cecilcountyfair #cecilsceneCole Stafford, from Fair Hill, with his Market Grand Champion Steer @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
#ccfair #cecilscene @cecilcountyfair @cecilsceneJeff Stafford puts up his son Coles Market Steer Grand Champion banner @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
#mcm @ayrback_jarodMy favorite from last nights rodeo @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
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