Saturday , 25 October 2014

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 Elkton leads Rising Sun 21-0 at the half. #cecilscene  The bear necessities of being Bao Bao at the National Zoo. #cecilscene
 Elkton leading Rising Sun 14-0 with 5 mins on 2nd quarter. #cecilscene  A giraffe, a hippopotamus and a panda walk into a bar and the panda say..... That joke is soooo funny. #cecilscene
 Mike Ware doing his best Night of the Living Dead Edward R Murrow and delivering the screwed up news. #cecilscene  Three alarm blaze at Fair Hill. #cecilscene
 Getting ready for Night of the Living Dead at Milburn Stone Theater next week. #cecilscene  Apple Butter Festival at #fairhill #cecilscene
 They really do have the life. #cecilscene  No, really, the tomatoes at the Manheim Farmers Market look just like this. Soooo good. #cecilscene
 Baby big cats. Oh yeah. #cecilscene  That's a lot of whoopee pies at the Manheim Farmers Market. #cecilscene
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