Saturday , 2 August 2014


     Cecil Scene is a FREE, ad-supported news/editorial site dedicated to bringing fans, parents, competitors and students in-depth coverage of sports, recreation and the arts in Cecil County.

     Looking around at what was available online if you wanted to see how Perryville High School or Cecil College was doing in a sport, there wasn’t much out there.  What was there cost the readers money for content they should be receiving for free.
     Suppose you were deciding if the latest offering at Milburn Stone was entertaining or even a local high school production? Not much coverage their either.

     Cecil Scene is locally owned and operated and our goal is to fill that gap. To give athletes and artists the “face-time” they deserve. We might not be able to cover everything, but we will work to bring you more FREE high-quality content than all the other current sources in Cecil County combined. Enjoy.

Sunset Cecil. #cecilsceneRising Sun native Chris Allen and his 98 Old Intrigue at the Demoliton Derby at the @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
Racing at Monmouth Park on Haskell Day #americasbestracing #cecilsceneWell here goes....Demolition Derby remote. More cable ties, safety cables and duct tape that I can imagine. @cecilcountyfair #cecilscene
Scenes from Haskell Day at Monmouth Park. #americasbestracing #cecilscene#ccfair #cecilscene @cecilcountyfair @cecilscene
#americasbestracing Happy Haskell Day. #cecilscene#mcm @ayrback_jarod
All lined up for the Demolition Derby at @cecilcountyfair #cecilscene #ccfairStorm clouds invade @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
Rising Suns Chris Allen waits for the start of the Demolition Derby at the @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilsceneI love the fair, but Ill admit it, roosters freak me out a little. This young lady seems to agree. @cecilcountyfair #ccfair #cecilscene
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